Deep Antiquity exists both as a brand and ideology. 
A line of apparel and accessories whose influenced by
sub-cultures of the past and perspectives of today.
Light and airy garments provide the canvas for darker
deep-seeded designs manifested through the vessel of 
modern fashion & an esoteric style.
Deep Antiquity partners with American manufacturers
and local businesses to produce a line
of quality garments and accessories.
Our pieces are expertly crafted in the US of A.
and designed & refined in Miami, Florida. 
For all general inquiries or wholesale information please email us at:

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Sizing Guide :
S  Chest 33-34.5       Waist 26
M Chest 38-40.5       Waist 32-34
L  Chest 44.5-48       Waist 40-42 
Individual orders ship within 48 hours of being placed.  
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